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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Catch Up - Continued

When I was doing my birthday catch up post below I could not find pics of Emerson's 8th birthday in June. They have since been located on Dave's computer, and, in the spirit of fairness, I want to make sure that my darling middle child is well represented. (Officially, I have two middle children, but since Evie is my first girl she is hardly plagued with many of the typical middle children issues ie; birthday pictures being misplaced.) So, we took the kids and about 7 or 8 of Emerson's best pals on a birthday "Camp-Over". We packed up the motorhome (and a tent for the boys) and spent the night at Lake San Antonio. The kids had a blast, and I was pleasantly surprised by how low maintenance the whole thing was. We camped right on the water and as soon as Dave stopped the Combi (anyone watch The Wild Thornberrys?) the kids were out the door and into the lake (after sunscreen, of course). We had cake right on the water's edge, passing out pieces to wet, pruney fingers - no need for plates or utensils! Watermelon slices and bean burritos for dinner -- Emerson's favorite. We had extended an invitation to the boys' families to join in the fun, and several dads took us up on it, bringing their own tents and fish tacos for the parents -- Mahi Mahi with mango salsa -- YUM! The kids, natural pyros at this age, were stoked to help Dave make the fire, where they subsequently roasted marshmallows (clearly more interested in the pyrotechnics of burning marshmallows than making s'mores). We smooshed them into our 5 man tent (minus one pole - what a difference a pole makes!) and they slept SOUNDLY until....DAWN, when they immediately made hey back to the water! Fruity Pebbles for breakfast, a MAD water balloon fight, turkey and cheese on Ciabatta rolls for lunch (another Emerson fave), and then it was back into the Combi for the trek home. A GREAT birthday party for a group of energy filled eight year olds. Here are some pics of our time:

How many kids can fit at the dinnette?

Presents under the canopy.

"You don't need a fork...just eat it with your fingers!"

Will they ever sleep? We were worried, but after a full day of fun in the sun they were plum tuckered!"

Water balloon detail....Indeed.

"Roasting" marshmallows.

Our birthday boy. Happy birthday, Em!! We love you so much! ~M


mom260224 said...

Thank you for sharing! What a fun celebration! Tina

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting and introducing yourself...your family is so cute and I have to get that book you recommended!

I may need some help with a name. We settled on Maia but are drawn to names people do not hear is becoming very popular. Maia is beautiful, but we are open to new ideas. You have wonderful names for your any guidance?

We are in the waiting child program so it is a little different. We are waiting on Immigration approval then our Dossier is sent to China(DTC), then China gives official approval (LOA), which is 2-3 months, then we wait on Travel Approval (TA).

Any chance you will be adding another...?

Take Care,

Carol said...

What a great party idea! You always sound so relaxed!! I have much to learn from you! haha!