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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Home from our Visit with Soli

Evie and I are home safely from visiting with our darling baby girl. We had a great time and I'm so thankful to have been able to make a second visit trip. I'm also glad that Evie had the chance to ease into big sisterhood. Soli was just precious. She's such an easy going baby girl. She loved cruising around in the sling and going for walks around the hotel. At five months old I could tell that she has become accustomed to the way her foster mother does certain things. For example, Mary gives her a bottle propped on a pillow while Soli's lying on her back on the bed. So when I would try to hold her in a nursing position to give her a bottle she would squirm and fuss. In this sense she was a little trickier for me to take care of than when she was 3 months old. The same was also true for nursing. She much preferred nursing while lying next to me in bed as opposed to being held in a traditional nursing position. Although, by the end of the week she was getting the hang of it. We'll see if we can figure it out again in December when we go back.
We spent one day in Antigua looking at potential rental homes and apartments for when the kids and I go back in December, but we're still undecided. My first choice is over $1000/month, but it has internet, great security, and lots of room for the kids to play. My second choice is also over $1000/ month, but it's quite a hike from town and doesn't have internet. The house I thought that I would like wasn't quite right for us. I was mostly concerned about the lack of security with the open courtyard and the common roofs with the neighboring homes. So we're still looking. Any suggestions?
On the adoption front...I was able to meet with our attorney, Hilda, while we were in Guatemala City. I invited her to lunch at the hotel on Monday, and she came with her husband, Juan Luis. I was so glad to meet her, and I was rather surprised at how unlawyery she was in appearance and demeanor (see above photo). She didn't speak a word of English and she was rather shy. I had been so nervous to meet her, and I was relieved to see that she was just an ordinary person doing her job. She told me right away that she was planning on submitting our case into PGN the following day (Oct. 10). This was great news! I had to fight back a little tear. I asked my agency to confirm this for me last week, and I'm waiting to hear back. She also told me that I could contact her directly with any questions or concerns that I have. That'll be nice. Anyway, I was so glad to establish a relationship with her. I gave her a little box of See's candy and a thank you note and a picture of our family. She thanked me over and over for the invitation, and she told me she was very happy to know that Soli was going to a good family.
So, assuming we're in PGN now, we're in the final stretch. Our agency says to expect 12 weeks for PGN, but there have been lots of other families out in about 6-8 weeks. It's just a waiting game now...Thanks for checking in! ~Heather and family


Shana said...

Heather, oh my goodness- congratulations! You are in PGN- that is wonderful! And you are so lucky to be able to communicate directly with your attorney! :)

I'll be replying to your email soon!

p.s. I saw someone got out of PGN in TEN days today! :)

Amy Junes said...

Heather I am so happy for you. I am glad you got to visit again and also meet Hilda. I had asked to meet our lawyer twice and was told she doesn't meet with families. I wish I would of had the same luxury. I know in Colombia that if the lawyer likes you and your family they work extra hard for you. The cultures are very similiar so I can only guess this will help your case. Any word of you being in PGN for sure? I hope your case goes much faster than mine. The wait is torture. Take care

Amy Junes said...

I am so happy that you got to visit and it is so great you got to meet with our lawyer. I had asked Tamara twice if I could meet Hilda and was told "No She won't meet with families" I wish I would of been allowed the same luxury as you and it is so great that you can now you can contact her directly. I think the hardest part of all of htis is not knowing. In Colombia if the lawyer likes you they work extra hard on your case and my was finished in record time. I think that meeting her will only help you case because the cultures are so similiar. Have you found out if You are in PGN yet for sure? I hope your case goes much better then mine. The waiting is pure torture and I am not the best at waiting anyway. Keep in touch.

Amy Junes said...

Wops, I thought the first post got deleted, so that is why the two are so alike:)