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Saturday, November 24, 2007

She's walking!!!

Finally at 17 months she decided to take her first steps! And this is how it happened... We had been working with her for months trying to get her to take a step or even just to stand on her own. But she just wasn't ready. Sometimes I would catch her standing when she didn't know she was doing it, but as soon as she realized, she would instantly drop to the ground. Anyway, one night Dave and I got a babysitter and went out to dinner just the two of us (which happens about once every two months - if we're lucky). About half way through our dinner we got a call from Cole, our 10 year old. He was so excited and he said, " I taught Soli to walk!! She's walking all over the house!" I thought surely he was exaggerating and maybe she was taking a couple of steps. But when we got home, sure enough, she was walking all over the house!! She had taken maybe 3 steps on her own before, and that's being generous. We couldn't believe it! Months of trying to get her to take even just a couple of steps and all of a sudden she was all over the house. What an exciting night!! The kids were dancing around her hooting and hollering and urging her on. They couldn't sleep until after 10 PM! It was like Christmas! We were so proud of our baby girl. She's her own little person and she waited until she was ready to show us her moves. As much as I love my babies, I'm awfully glad to have everyone on their own two feet! Good times! Thanks for checking in and Happy Thanksgiving! ~Heather

"Look Mom! I'm doing it!!!"

"I gotta call someone!"

"Gramma, you'll never believe it! I'm a walker!"

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall in Yosemite

We took the kids to Yosemite the last weekend in September. It was just beautiful and so much fun. We rented one of the cabins at Housekeeping Camp (why they call it that, I just don't know). We grabbed the kids after school on Thursday and spent 3 nights in our cement cabin. It was really more like a tent with 3 cement walls and a canvas curtain. It had a cement floor, a double bed, and a set of bunk beds. It was rough but very cozy. Cole and Dave climbed half dome on Saturday and the other kids and I rented bikes (and a bike trailer for the girls) and cruised the valley floor. We had a great time and we're excited to get back there in the Spring.

Emerson - 7, Evie - 4 1/2, Soli - 17 months, Cole 10 1/2

Soli standing on her own...sure to be walking any time!

Breakfast time!

Emerson making friends with the locals.

Evie learning to ride without training wheels.

I love this picture of the the two of us.

Dave and Cole on the way up the Dome.

Peering over the ledge of Half Dome.

Soli and Mommy on dishes duty!

Gettin' ready to cruise the valley.

Half Dome in the afternoon sun. Dave and Cole are up there somewhere!

Evie and Daddy tossin' around a fly line.