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Monday, October 19, 2009

What to do with all that artwork that comes home from school.

In our house, every piece of artwork that comes home from school is a masterpiece. But, really how long can you display it on the fridge? And then what do you do with it?? If you're my sister, you throw it away. But if you're me you may try recycling a master piece or two only to be seen, three days later, sprinting to the sidewalk in your bathrobe at 6AM, to rescue that glorious assortment of finger paint from the bowels of the recycling bin just as it's about to be hurled into the back of a dump truck. (Our trash man has no patience for me). Here's a much better idea:

As you know, most of the artwork that comes home is themed for a specific season or holiday. Save the best of the best and store it along with your holiday decorations for that season. Then when you go to decorate you will have some darling, homemade touches that are oh, so sentimental. The kids love it because you're displaying their handiwork, and you don't have to keep them up all year. Everyone's happy. See the jack-o-lantern? Cole made that in kindergarten. Be sure to put names and dates on the back. Happy Fall!!

*This idea brought to you by Mom, who every Christmas hangs the cutest handprint Christmas tree from when my sister was in preschool...20 years ago.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sayulita or Bust

Did I tell you we're taking the kids out of school, renting out our house, and moving to Mexico for six months? Well, we are. Leaving in 2 weeks. We're putting the kids in the Sayulita public schools and hoping they learn some Spanish. Total immersion. Are we crazy, you ask? I think so. Anyway, I'm swamped with all the prep, but I wanted to fill you in on our crazy plans.

Stay tuned...

Sayulita - February 09

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bathroom Chatter

Have you ever noticed that the acoustics in public restrooms make every comment "whispered" by your 3 year old bounce off the walls like she shouted it through a megaphone? Well...

We recently took the kiddies to Disneyland. And, since we had a 3 year old in tow you know that we visited every restroom in every land at least once and some more than once. (My fave is the one right under Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, just as you leave the back side of Fantasy Land...almost never a line.) Anyway, during one such visit to one such crowded restroom, my darling 3 year old daughter, sensing the perfect lull in flushing toilets and running water (in other words, it was perfectly silent), decided that it was high time to ask the granddaddy of all questions...

"Mommy! Why you no have penis?"

The tiled walls reverberated her little voice back to me as I stared at her wide-eyed and scrambled for the right answer. You would think that after four kids I would be prepared with a quick response for that million dollar question.

But, no. I wasn't prepared and I must have stalled half a second too long making it quite clear to my darling 3 year old that I hadn't heard her the first time.


Please, for the love of Pete, someone flush a toilet!

"Well, is a mommy. well...he's a daddy."

Gotta love 'em...3 year olds.