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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

El Niño

Apperently, I missed the memo that this is an "el niño" year. And here's what I've learned about "el niño", thus far:

1) It explains why there were less hurricanes in Miami this past hurricane season - according to my in-laws.
2) The surf in Sayulita is bigger than usual, according to Rogelio at the surf shop here in town.
3) Sayulita gets rain and lots of it (and Puerto Vallarta may get an occasional tornado) during the "dry" season, which is right now.

So last week the in-laws flew in to check out our Sayulita scene and to help celebrate my birthday (it was Wednesday - yeah, thanks for calling). That night it started raining and continued raining, on and off, for three days. So much rain, in fact, that the Secretaria de Educacion Publica closed the schools in our region for the whole week! We were so excited! And the kids got to hang with the grandparents for the whole week without even playing hooky. Happy Birthday to me!

And since it's been a while since I posted any pics on my blog here are some for your viewing enjoyment:

With the Abuelos, Grandpa Bill and Gramma Connie

Cole and $1000 pesos on his birthday (Don't freak out. It's about $80 U.S.)

Cruisin' the plaza in our 9 seater EZ-GO - the suburban of golf carts.

An impromptu pool party at the Casita. The pool is now completely finished (notice it's not quite full in this pic), and the casita is on schedule to be finished in a couple of weeks (mas o menos, of course).

My soggy birthday party with our dear friends from Alaska.

The best birthday cake ever. Made with love by Gramma and the girls. (My secret's out...)

We love to go for an afternoon nieve (ice cream in these parts). I always get an horchata.

Dave and a really big wave.

I've been teaching English once a week in Evie and Emerson's classes. I love it, especially when I see the kids around town and they run up to me and say, "Hello. Goodbye. How arr ju?" So stinkin' cute.

Loading up "El Burro" for a surf expedition to our favorite beach "La Lancha".

Trekkin' out the 10 minute trail.

Another awesome day at Lancha.

Grandpa and Emerson discussing the rise and fall of George W.

Pack it in, pack it out. Cole and Soleil.

P.S. Three years ago today we brought Soli home from Guatemala. Here's the link to that story. Tonight we celebrated with friends and got ice cream, per her request. We love you so much, Miss Soli Mae. Thanks for joining our family.


Jennifer said...

Yea! I was missing your posts. Looks like lots of fun goigng on down there! Sorry it's raining but it could be worse I could be snow. Enjoy your time!

Tina said...

I loved seeing the new photos, Heather! I cracked up at the "how rrr ju"! Reminded me of the party I heard in my backyard last weekend. Someone singing - Ju rrr the weeeend beneath my weeeengs. Love it!

karen said...

happy belated birthday! love that you are teaching english. (from a former english teacher).

the house looks gorgeous.

Ellen said...

First off, Cole looks like a man... a young one but he sure has grown up! I am so proud of you... teaching English. It's fun, huh? And, I just can't wait to visit you all in your casita. It is gorgeous and you seem to be having such a grand time in Mexico. I am happy for you.