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Saturday, February 10, 2007

We're home!!

"Now that's a full house."

I'm dead tired, but I wanted to ever so quickly post an update to let you all know that we are home!! We did it!! I can't believe it. Dave was able to pull some strings and get us home with him. He was so was very sweet. So we were able to get Soli's visa yesterday at 11:30 and we were on a plane to Miami by 3PM!! We had a wonderful overnight visit with Gramma and Grandpa on their boat in Miami and then we were on our way to San Francisco first thing this morning. My parents picked us up at the airport and we are home!! I'm so happy to be here. As sad as I was to pack up my little casita in Antigua (I cried half the way to Guatemala City after handing over my keys) it is such a relief to be home. Our house is so cozy, and even though we only have one bathroom (which my husband beautifully remodeled while we were gone) it seems huge to me!! The kids are unbelievable happy to be home, too. They each ran straight to their nearest friends' houses. And our friends and family are just amazing. We've been showered with love and warm wishes from the minute we got home. Our refrigerator was stocked, our doggy was fed, and everyone is so excited to meet our little Miss Soli. As for our beautiful baby girl, she is taking it all in. She is a total Mama's girl and holds on to me tight, tight, tight whenever a new person comes around. She is completely intrigued by this strange creature they call a "kitty cat". And I think the "kitty cat" is equally intrigued by her. We're just so happy to be home and so incredibly thankful that we were able to come home together. I'll be posting pictures of our trip to the Rio Dulce and Volcan Pacaya just as soon as I can...As always, thanks for checking in! I'm off to sleep in my own bed. ~Heather

What am I forgetting?? Oh yeah, Antigua.

Soli couldn't be happier about going home.

A very early morning in Miami!

Hurry Mom, buckle me up. We gotta get going before they change their minds!

Home sweet home!!


Carol said...

Congratulations Heather, Dave & family! Have so enjoyed reading your story and watching it all unfold! I can't imagine what a relief it was for you to travel together and to bring Soli home as a complete family!
Thrilled for you all.
Carol - a reader from Ontario, Canada.

dave.heather said...

Thanks Carol! You're so sweet to keep tabs on us. Now that our adoption is complete I envision our blog becoming a family journal. Stay tuned!! ~Heather

Chad & Carrie said...

What a surprise!!! Hope everything settles into place for everyone at home.

pigatschmo said...

Heather & family -- We had been thinking/talking about a Guatemalan adoption when we saw the article in "The Californian". Your story is very inspirational. We were wondering what agency you used, or if you could make a recommendation? Best wishes, Pete & Lisa

Math Jedi said...

once again, congratulations! :)

By the way, since I just noticed that you asked, this is Dennis from your high school graduating class. How many Math Jedis do you really know? :)

My mom sent me the article in the Californian, even though she already knew that I knew you guys were doing this... it's still been cool reading about all your experiences, and I'd love to see you guys again someday next time I'm around.