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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cat's Cat (get it?)

Our kitty has brought such joy to our boat. When he's not sleeping he's a blur of fur as he chases and pounces on everything that moves (including our feet). He learned to use his litter box on his very first night (after doing his dooty on the dirt at the marina we put a nougat in a tub of sand on the boat and he totally got the hint). He's claimed a cozy spot with his "blankie" on the shelf above the dinette and sleeps soundly through the night. Thank heavens. As you can imagine, the kids adore him and I often have to break up disputes regarding whose turn it is to "play" with him. Like a favorite new toy. 

Alas, my research has proven that taking him home will be difficult at best. Panama offers the biggest hurdles, requiring expensive licenses, vet visits, and proof of home quarantine. All of which I would obstinately and happily do except that the perfect scenario for a new home for him has magically presented itself here in Placencia. As sad as it will be for us to say good-bye it would be so much more sad to wake up one morning after an all night crossing to find that he's fallen overboard somewhere between Belize and Honduras. I have nightmares. (As if I don't have enough fodder for nightmares. Please.) Besides, he gets seasick. Pobre. So for his sake and my mental well being we will be handing him over to our friend, Tracy, later this afternoon. She will love him as much as we do (she already does). And we'll be taking with us the fondest of memories of our time with our darling little kitty. 

 We've all loved having a kitty on board. He's made our boat feel very homey. 

 He's so cute and little. 

His spot behind the dinette. 

 I wish I could train my kids to barf in their littler box when they're seasick. Brilliant. 

 Kitty's got the helm.

We take him to the islands now and then which he pretty much hates. He meows and meows and looks around like he's being stalked. One time, upon returning from Goff's Cay he thought he could jump to the big boat from the dinghy. He actually would have made it if the sugar scoop had been made of...say...couch and not fiberglass. His little claws could not find purchase and he slid right into the ocean. Emerson was in the water faster than fast and past him up to Cole's waiting hands. The whole thing was over in 2.3 seconds and we all had a belly roll that left us aching. A quick fresh water rinse and a towel dry and he was soon passed out on Cole's lap from the trauma of it all. 

Being a Cat's cat is tough business. 

Taste testing this hog fish. Yummy. 

 Playing chess with Emerson. Check.

"Mama says I'm still too little to venture outside, but I'm pretty sure I just saw a flying fish."


 He loves to sleep curled up under our chins. 

 Table dancing. 

We're so going to miss this darling face. 
But we're so lucky to have found him a loving home here in Placencia. 
Thanks for loving him, Miss Tracy! 

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