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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random Back to School News

*The kids went back to school last week. Bittersweet.

*Dave is going to Sayulita for a guys only surf trip to celebrate his birthday. And missing all the back to school F.U.N. Povrecito.

*Evie got a soft a-line haircut...and bangs. And she recently informed me that she is "totally over" all things pink, including her room.

*We adopted a new cat from the shelter. He's four. His name is Jasper. He's all black. We picked him up on Friday the 13th. We think that means he's extra lucky. Although he pooped under my bed tonight.
Now we think he's an extra lucky "outside" cat.

*Soleil visited our school district's speech therapist today. She doesn't need speech therapy. That's good -- like we need one more activity on the calender. She'll be starting preschool next week.

*Cole got the "star" jersey for most improved at football practice yesterday. And, as I type this, he's "chatting on line with babes all day". (Name that movie).

*I splurged on, not one, but two Yankee candles the other day to try and fill the void created by sending the kids back to school. And you know something? It nearly did the job. And now I'm feeling the urge to paint something. You know, like a wall.

*Emerson is single handedly bringing the "mullet" back into style.* I'm so proud. And his STAR test results were smashing even though we spent most of the school year in Mexico.

*Hope your back to school is as delightful as mine. Salud.

*Emerson's mullet was a temporary fashion statement as you can see from the above pic of the first day of school. Stinkin' funny while it lasted, though. He kept cruisin' around the house saying, "I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!" (Bonus points if you can name THAT movie.) 


Jean said...

I'm too old to name either movie, but I'm betting that Jack Black was involved.
You all sound and look great, and I'm so glad to know someone who actually misses their kids when they return to school!
We've been talking and dreaming of Sayulita, and renting a house for a month in the winter....who knows when? We go to sleep to ocean sounds, think of the church "bells" that woke us every morning, and what a great time we had there. How is the drive to Mexico?
Love and hugs to all, happy birthday to Dave.
Jean and Peter

Mama Booth said...

Oh how I love Napoleon Dynamite. :) You should take that urge to paint something and do Evie's room in a TEAL and Red. I see her as a teal and red kind of girl. :) oh, and hooray for the no speech. Looking back on my EIS job I now think Speech for kids is over rated. Yes, I think some kids need it, but not most kids. A fried of mine told me I should have my 16 month old tested because he ONLY says 4 words consistently. Laughing Hysterically!

dave.heather said...

Yes! All my best quotes are from Napoleon Dynamite. Love that movie. But, the second one is from a different movie. Not Jack Black (although we LOVE Nacho Libre in our house). I'll give you a's a Will Farrell movie. Good luck. Here's another hint "Sweet Lawd, Baby Jesus..."

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Heather...Cole looks way too teenager-ish! School is bittersweet for me as well. The kids are another year older :-(. Plus, Carson went away to college this year and I feel old and I want another baby. Love you muchly! Tina Fleetwood

karen said...

I definitely got the Napoleon Dynamite one, but am still stumped on the second...

viva la school dayz.

just redid my girls' rooms--more fun than anyone should EVER have. seriously. We're so over pink here, too--although I just painted my little girls' room "retro peach" and I hope it works on blog soon...

dave.heather said...

Talladega Nights is the second movie. So ridiculously funny. Emphasis on ridiculous!