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Friday, February 12, 2010

He Does Love Me...Usually

One December Dave came to me with regret in his eyes and said, "I haven't bought you anything for Christmas. I really don't know what to get you. Is there something you want this year?" I thought about it and there was something I wanted - a love note. From him. He'd never really written me a love note. Thankfully he's not really the love-note-writing type, otherwise I probably wouldn't have fallen for him. Too much ooey, gooey, mushy love makes me queasy. Anyway, over our 14+ years he's given me lots and lots of cards with very sweet, handwritten sentiments that usually make me misty. And you know they're all safely tucked away in my fire proof safe with my other "valuables". But I wanted a love note. Or better yet a love letter. A long juicy love letter. Laying it all out there. Why did he love me? What exactly did he find loveable about me? I wanted to know. So that year I asked him for a love letter. And on Christmas morning, poking out from the top of my stocking was the following note: (I felt inspired to share it here for two reasons: 1) It's Valentine's weekend - did you hear? and 2) Dave is a little irritated with me today and sometimes when that happens I like to read this letter to remind myself that he does, in fact, adore me - usually. I only omitted a couple of items that I didn't want my father-in-law to read. Sorry, Bill.)

What I love about Heather…

I love who you bring out in me.

I love how we met.

I love that you let me put my cold hands on your skin.

I love how good you are at giving birth.

I love knowing someone who knows me so well.

I love how you are such a good listener.

I love that you surrender to me.

I love your upside down smile.

I love how you make up words.

I love your hair in a pony tail.

I love road trips with you and long talks.

I love that you are honest.

I love that you support me sailing even when it makes you sick.

I love growing old with you.

I love that you don’t wear make-up.

I love how tall you are.

I love when you sing.

I love the photo albums you keep.

I love the way we got married.

I love your nose.

I love what you see in me.

I love that you bring me water when I am thirsty.

I love that you worry about things so I don’t have to.

I love that you are a stay home Mom.

I love that you are ticklish on your bikini line.

I love putting my hand under your hip at night.

I love how picky you are about your pillows.

I love how you dream.

I love watching you mature and get more beautiful every year.

I love how you touch me.

I love how soft your skin is.

I love how you trust me.

I love how well you pack for trips and unpack weeks later.

I love when you take time for yourself.

I love how you parent.

I love how you buy plants and let them die.

I love how you are always late.

I love your companionship.

I love when you wake up and find me in the shower or making breakfast.

I love how you run the heater till it is 74 degrees.

I love your cooking.

I love staying healthy because I know it means I will have more time with you later.

I love when you help me with my problems.

I love your imagination.

I love how you look in a snug shirt with nothing underneath.

I love the way you order at restaurants.

I love that you are such a good driver.

I love how you can only do one thing at a time.

I love how you crack your knuckles when you are nervous.

I love how you can talk me to sleep.

I love how you let me be right.

I love your input on business decisions.

I love that you like Jimmy Buffet.

I love when I startle you and you do that karate chop.

I love the way you sneeze.

I love that you remember my childhood better than me.

I love when you laugh really hard.

I love that you love me even though I am not romantic.

I love that small mole in the groove of your hip.

I love the shape of your body.

I love how you take forever to cut my hair and then follow me around with scissors.

I love how you scrub my back in the shower.

I love how you rescue baby birds.

I love your pregnant belly.

I love the way you ask for my advice and don’t take it.

I love how proud you are when you mow the lawn.

I love that I am married to such a good person.

I love the expressions on your face and the lines by your eyes.

I love how you skip when we’re holding hands.

I love how you say “it will actually save me money”

I love your passion for life.

I love you because when I am down you always help me up.

Happy Valentine's Day

May we all be surrounded by love this weekend and always.


Angie said...

Wow, Heather. What a sweet and thorough love note. I can't imagine he missed anything ;0). That must have taken him a long time to remember all that stuff. Gave me an idea of what to ask for. :0)

TRS said...

I love how you met too. If the opportunity ever arises, send one just like him my way!

Jennifer said...

How sweet! I love it. That is definitely a letter to cherish forever!

Dina Widlfong said...

That is such a good idea for a Christmas present and your right you can always go back to it when times are rough and remember what your relationship is all about.

Laura said...

my goodness...brought tears to my honest and open and loving.