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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


It has been on my heart to blog about my darling second born son. He is, quite simply, the most delightful 9 year old boy I know. And as our "middle" child he is often lost in the wash (we do a lot of wash). So I wanted to share some of my very favorite things about Emerson (aside from his fabulous name):

He's insightful. He can sense people's emotions and their motivations. He can tell when something is bothering me, and he's not afraid to ask what it is. Then he'll say something like, "I'm sorry you're sad, Mom" or "I'm sorry that happened." He gets stuff. You know? He gets the big picture. He gets the importance of family and of spending time with grandparents while they're here. He sees the connection we have to our Earth and the importance of protecting it. He gets on his brother if he tries to throw away a recyclable. He understands the value of quiet and thoughtfulness. He is comfortable with simply being as opposed to doing. He laughs at my jokes when no one else gets them. And he's funny. He busts out movie lines at the most perfect moments and cracks us all up. He loves classic rock and fancies himself somewhat of an expert. He plays the guitar. He is quietly protective and watchful of his sisters and even his older brother. He is his father's son. Quiet and watchful. Sensitive and sincere. Honest and good. He has a genuine heart. He deeply empathizes with people and feels their woes. He wants to give what he has to his friends here in Mexico who have so little. He wants to give them his football and his DSi game. He makes friends easily and quietly. He doesn't have to try. And he's super smart. At 9, I'm starting to see that he's an intellectual. And he's good. He's just a good person. He doesn't kill bugs. And I love him so, so much.

Em, I'm sorry I let you fly under the radar too often. I know I let the sibs demand a lot of my time and attention and that you often get the short end of that stick. You, by nature, are not demanding, which is one of your most delightful qualities. And I, by nature, am drawn to those who are most demanding. I tend to put out the biggest fires first. Your fire (compared to those of your siblings, which are often raging out of control) is always so nicely tended that I often overlook it, burning so tidily. I will endeavor to stop and sit down by your fire more often, my sweet boy, especially because you don't demand it. You keep your fire so nicely tended. We'll roast marshmallows and chat. Thank you for being who you are. You are a gift; a true joy. I love you. ~Mom


Jennifer said...

What an absolutely beautiful post! Your Emerson sounds like an amazing guy! :)

Jackie Scott said...

tears. :)