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Friday, November 07, 2008

Freaky Friday!

What's better than Halloween? Halloween on a Friday, of course! No homework, no bedtime; sure, eat all your candy; that's fine, go to bed with purple hair.

So we invited over a few friends and celebrated with pizza and pumpkin margaritas.

Hope your Halloween was as freaky as ours.

(click to make bigger)
We live in a darling little town that is a very popular locale for trick or treating. At one point we had a line from the door all the way down our front walkway to the sidewalk. I had bought four big bags of candy from Costco in preparation. It wasn't enough, and we ended the night handing out pumpkin stickers. Kids love getting stickers on Halloween...glad we didn't get toilet papered.

An "optical" illusion

At our house, we love, love, love any occasion to dress up. In fact, we don't even need an occasion. We have a dress-up trunk filled with all kinds of fun costumes. So when Halloween comes to town it is not unusual for the kids to "be" several different characters during the course of the holiday. For example, Soli wore her Snow White costume to the pumpkin patch and her ladybug costume on Halloween night.

Cole was Ace Ventura Pet Detective for his Halloween dance and was a Gramma on Halloween.

Emerson originally wanted to be a 1940's gangster (complete with oozie, of course), but that morphed into a butler (with purple hair?) for the school parade. Then on Halloween night he added a mustache and a fidora (minus the napkin) for a Charlie Chaplin look. Clever really.

Evie was stedfast in her desire to be Princess Jasmine. Her favorite princess, by the way.

Our little Solibug. Cole wore this costume when he was two. Remember Frances from a Bug's Life?

Pumpkin Margaritas. Yummy! Went down a little too easily, but that's another advantage to the Friday night Halloween. Sleep in on Saturday. Oh wait...a 9AM soccer game? RIGHT...

Thriller, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Aquanet, hair crimpers (remember those?!), caboodles, pegged pants, Kevin Bacon.
What's your favorite memory from the 80's?


mom260224 said...

looks like fun!

CHEF said...

pegged pants with double layered socks grey/ of course! along with my white reebok hightops!

CHEF said...

IT WAS ME, it defaults to todd....irritating. I think blogger may be chauvinistic!

Dad said...

I am quite sure that I never looked like that, but hey what ever works right. For you I would wear anything.

nicaudfamily said...

Such an adorable family-I love pics of all your kids!
BY the way do you have any jams(remember those bright floral shorts)? Maybe watch a little Goonies or New kids on the Block??
I love the 80's theme!!

Carol said...

Great costumes! Hope you're well! Haven't heard anything for a couple of weeks. I'm usually the only one to wait sooo long to blog!