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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

SNOW much fun!!!

We took the kids to my parents' cabin for New Year's and what fun we had! Dave (I mean Santa) got me a new camera for Christmas this year and so we took about a hundred million pictures of the kids in the snow. Here are a few of our favorites...

"I Love U"
It started snowing just after we put the kids to bed on the night we arrived. This picture was taken just after we noticed the flakes were falling. There is nothing more magical than waking up to a winter wonderland at Gramma and Grandpa's cabin. Sure enough the kids were up bright and early and outside playing in (and eating) the snow.

This cracked us up! When Dave and I got up this is what we found...Evie wearing Soli's snow pants with nothing underneath and bare feet eating a bowl of snow for breakfast. So funny!


Mmmmmm! Snow for breakfast! "Mom, can I put brown sugar on it?" At least Emerson found his snowboots, although, apparently his jacket eluded him!

"Wait for me, guys! I just have to get my boots on and then I'll be ready to play in the snow! But, Mom, everyone else gets to play in the snow half naked!"

Soli with her cousin Ellery. They are two days apart...aren't they the cutest? They're almost 20 months here.

Here's our niece Haviland-7 with Evie-5 (cousins but they sure could pass for sisters in this pic!)

More cousins! Gaige ~10, Cole~11, and Emerson-7 1/2

My dad joined us for a couple of days at the cabin and he wasted no time showing the kids "how it's done" on the sled. This one might have hurt a little....We laughed so hard on this trip to the sledding hill. Good times, good times...

Where are the brakes on this thing????

Cole and Grandpa gettin' a little squirly!

Wipe out!

"Look, Mom! I'm doing it!!"

My new camera is so fast that it almost freezes these action shots. He's actually moving rather quickly down the hill!!

Click on this one to make it bigger so you can see the sheer joy on Emerson's face! Notice the snow flying!

Now that's a big smile! Soli loved sledding with Mommy..."Mo' ", she would say when we got to the bottom of the hill. So cute!

And there's my beautiful baby girl...warming her little fingers in Grandpa's vest. She just loves her grandpa!

Have I mentioned how much I adore my husband? Could he be any cuter???


The Booth's said...

This is so fun to see. I grew up in Montana and although Ohio has tons of snow, there's nothing like mountain snow. Ahhhh great memories.

The Booth's said...

OH, I forgot to add that I cracked up over Evie in her snow shorts. ha ha. Too funny!

math jedi said...

that looks like so much fun!

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