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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Soli is 6 1/2 months!!

I just received new pics and an updated medical on our beautiful baby girl! These pics were taken on Nov. 16 by her pediatrician's office. She is just so cute!! I could eat her up!! I love her little hairdo! And her expressions are so funny. It looks like she is totally perplexed by the camera. She'll get used to having a camera in her face soon enough! So her medical says that she weighs 16.2 pounds or roughly 16 pounds, 3 oz. She's growing so perfectly...I talked to her foster mother the other day (we are now able to communicate via her neighbor's email! So GREAT!) and she said that Soli has two teeth now!! I can't believe it. I'm just a touch sad to have missed her first two, but there'll be plenty of teeth coming and going over the next 12 years, right?
So, my list seems to be getting longer rather than shorter. Last night I kept having to get out of bed to add things to it. Finally, I just brought my list to bed with me. I think my husband was envious of all the attention it was getting!
The kids and I leave two weeks from yesterday. I'm a little nervous. I held a friend's baby yesterday who is just a couple of weeks younger than Soli. She took one look at my face and starting crying! I was so sad and suddenly I was nervous that Soli would react the same way to me. Yikes! My friend did same that her baby has been doing that for several months so I'm hoping it's a personality thing and not an age thing. Ughh! Anyway, we're all getting very excited. I'm a little worried about Dave, all alone in our usually very busy home. But he has made himself a long list of home improvement projects to do while we're gone. So hopefully he'll just stay busy and not be too sad without us. Thanks for checking in on us. I'm off to get another check mark!! ~Hetaher

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Shana said...

Oh, Heather- she is SO adorable! She looks very cuddly- I love that! 16 pounds at 6 1/2 months... hmmm- oh nooooo!!! Ollie's FM actually warned me about how HUGE Ollie is- he weighs 14 pounds (at just 2 months)! He will be 50 lbs at Soli's age at this rate- lol! I tried to call you from my computer (skype) today twice- so be on the lookout for a call from a strange number! I will try to call you tomorrow- so I can tell you what I think you should/shouldn't bring if you want.... Also- I want your advice about a couple of things! :)

I can't WAIT until you are here!

Hugs, Shana :)